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19-Sep-2019 14:33

One boy voiced the experience of socialising teenagers in this way: “It’s not really anybody’s fault, because the girl is getting drunk, that’s what she wants, and, like, the lad wants to get it on with somebody.” The report, to be published on Tuesday, says many of the teenagers interviewed by researchers had a narrow view of rape which discounts the everyday situations they are more likely to find themselves in.

“Young people seem to think of rape as something that happens when a stranger attacks you in the night, in a dark alley, drags you off somewhere screaming and forces sex upon you,” said Ms Berelowitz.

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Admitting our mistakes, even in the middle of making them, is one way we put the Gospel on display. Then, teenage, shoot, It’s what happens next that’s the problem, right? It’s never too late to make it right with your kids.