An error occurred while updating the configuration airport express

10-Dec-2019 21:58

i enter all the seemingly relevant info - new password, extend wireless network, selected network and its password but when i click to update i get the message that it could not be found.i have to reset the airport extreme and restart windows to get airport utility to recognize the airport extreme again. i then tried using the same password for the airport extreme as the existing internet.I bought an Air Port Express to enable music in a different part of a friend's house using the Air Tunes feature.Unfortunately, i Tunes or the Air Port Utility don't reliably discover the existence of the device. i Tunes then also seems to cotton on to this discovery and present the Aiport Express as an Air Tunes option at the bottom right of i Tunes. If I close down the Air Port Utility, then i Tunes loses the Air Port Express Air Tunes speaker, often giving "An unkown error (-15006) occurred while connecting to the remote speaker". Background info: It currently seems that the problem is that Bonjour doesn't work across from the router's wireless LAN to it's wired LAN.You reset your Apple Air Port Extreme or Time Capsule. You google for it and find that lots of people has this problem but nobody seem to have a solution. The solution to this common problem is: enable IPv6 in your wireless network settings (on your computer with Air Port Utility). It is because fresh Air Port Extreme (or Time Capsule) use IPv6, not IPv4. However it is 100% working solution in my case: no IPv6 — no connection to a clean Air Port Extreme or Time Capsule. Mulitcast ping on, per Spiff's question, does get responses from the Airport Express as long as the Win XP firewall is turned off (which is as it should be I suspect - legitimate Bonjour requests should benefit from the Firewall exceptions above).My friend's PC doesn't have a wireless card and so I can't try Spiff's other suggestion.

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Also, the symptoms are the same when the Win XP Firewall is switched off.Have a read through this thread for other items to consider. when i updated the airport extreme i again got a message that it could no longer be found. is there no way to wirelessly extend a wireless network? this was not fixed when i then plugged it into the existing router and i assume i will have to reset everything in order to get to the airport extreme again through airport utilities.I've even tried using the Internode dns settings in the Fritzbox this didn't help. I've also got an Apple Airport Express connected to the Fritzbox and when I connect any Ios device to the Apple Airport Express, I'm able to access i Tunes and download app updates. I restarted the fritzbox and my Ios device and turned wifi off and on those steps didn't help.

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Has anyone come across this issue and if so any idea how I may be able to fix it? I'll try the Firmware and let everyone know if it helps or not. After trying the beta Firmware, how do I go back to the current stable Firmware after trying the beta?

After the following troubleshooting steps, I've isolated the issue down to wifi on the Fritzbox 7390.