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As the name of this missions suggests, your target is leaving the local cop shop.If you can manage to drop him before he reaches his vehicle, great - otherwise, just tail him in your own and riddle his with bullets.He then orders everyone to get heated, and meet him under the Mulholland Intersection.Carl, however, is side-tracked on the way by a call from Cesar, who has some important news for him. Claude then arrives at the mansion and hands over the money to Catalina, who lies and walks off with the money, leaving Claude in the mercy of her Colombian Cartel men. It is given to the main protagonist, Claude, by Colombian Cartel leader, ex-girlfriend, and main antagonist Catalina from the Cartel Mansion in Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City. She now wants Claude to bring 0,000 to the Cartel mansion in Cedar Grove in exchange for not having Maria killed.Here you'll liaison with a man known only as "Fixer", who represents clients with certain... Over the phone he'll hand down instructions regarding the target and his/her location, in addition to providing a small stock of weapons and a body armour vest nearby.More often than not these items won't be necessary, but it's always worth nabbing some free weaponry when the opportunity arises.

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Podmínkou je start úplně nové hry (dříve uložená pozice nefunguje).

Pro tip: It's usually better for Niko's health to avoid close quarters combat where possible.

As such we recommend you always be equipped with a sniper rifle and/or an RPG - these will prove invaluable in taking out the targets from a safe distance.

One Cartel member gets in a Barracks and tries to run over Claude.

Claude picks up a rocket launcher to shoot down Catalina's chopper with Maria nearby.

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