Avant dating history

28-Dec-2019 22:50

But in fact Maciunas was a relentless archivist who (like Ad Reinhardt, another master chartist) channeled his studies at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts into data visualizations of art history.

To­day the col­lec­tion of the Mu­se­um Lud­wig in­cludes the most sig­ni­f­i­cant trends of twen­ti­eth-cen­tu­ry and con­tem­po­rary art.The new poem will include ab initio 'a preconception of how, when and where it will be read.'[2] (Apparent echoes of Reception Theory and poststructuralist accounts of the writing process are not coincidental, and will bear investigation at a later stage.)It would be easy to show the divergence of Language poetry from the more conservative traditions of American verse; a Language poem looks and sounds nothing like a poem by Robert Lowell or James Dickey or Louise Gluck.