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As Black folks continue to do awesome things, we will continue to highlight Black folks doing awesome things. Everybody, please turn your books to the Book of Outkast, chapter 2, verse 1, and let’s put our hands together for Dr. I read the article and thought it was such a cool idea, especially in this time of using pop culture figures like Beyonce, Tupac, etc as centerpieces for classes. We were studying hip hop in my classes and not nan person besides my fellow southern folks – shoutout to Drs. It started in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement. Dash Coleman at Savannah Now interviewed me about the class and the article posted this week. PJ: I know that I would have signed up for the class in a heartbeat. Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. Not even a Wes Anderson joint, but something you might see as part of a museum exhibit before you head to the dinosaur section. PJ: I was up on Facebook the other night, scrolling through random posts about random things when I saw an article from Savannah Now entitled, “Savannah college professor offers course on Outkast, hip hop genre” and my interests were piqued. All that to say, it wasn’t until I was in graduate school that I really started thinking about how much the ‘Kast and southern hip hop meant to me. Portia Maultsby, asked me “well what are you going to do about it? Folks have only whispered bout the ‘Kast and southern hip hop. We need to make sure we’re represented in the academy. Southern hip hop didn’t start in the 1980s in New York. I think that I’ve always felt like institutions were too snobby to be willing to allow classes where hip-hop or Beyonce, or what have you to rule the day. He posted Kyara’s article on his Facebook and that got folks buzzing. Thanks for the opportunity to chop it up with you!!They are sorted in the order in which they were introduced to the main cast, and not by episode count, screen time, or popularity.Zachary "Zach" Young (Cody Kasch) is the "adopted" son of Paul and Mary Alice.Zach's birth parents are Deirdre Taylor and Mike Delfino however, this, along with his original name of Dana Taylor, is not revealed until "One Wonderful Day".In season one, Zach is depressed by the sudden suicide of Mary Alice, so Paul puts him in a mental institution.How does it arise, why does it take different forms, why does it vary in degree across societies, what are the components that add up to gender inequality, how do various institutions and practices contribute to it, and how does it change?The course will emphasize the history of gender inequality in the United States.

Outkast is my favorite group, so we’re clearly kinfolk, but I’m curious about your personal reflections on the group. I moved to Albany at 14 right before starting high school.

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