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Ma andando a snocciolare i dati raccolti emerge anche che il 40% ha avuto storie di una sola notte, il 10% ha mantenuto storie parallele lunghe (oltre un mese) e il 2% ha organizzato incontri extraconiugali insieme al proprio compagno. Anche su questo la nuova ricerca di Incontri-Extra consente di fare delle statistiche: l'82% delle donne ha confessato di flirtare con i colleghi e il 41% ammette di aver avuto una relazione parallela con un collega di lavoro.

Money, Control, and Bible: 2 points 1 hour ago It's kind of foolish on your part to talk about the Bible when you clearly don't have much understanding of what it says.

When Perci discovered Lyric and his forces were threatening the town, none of the villagers took her seriously and were more concerned with the re-election of Mayor Fink, leaving only her to prepare for Lyric.

Eventually, Perci met Team Sonic who wanted to help, but she insisted that they had to earn her respect first, so she assigned them to figure out how to energize some nearby monuments with island defense measures.


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Dalloway was always so de pendable; such a gentleman too. Bad, Definitely, and Love: Given the toxicity of the rabies shot (highly cancer causing), along with the fact that it actually lasts around 12 years l would never ever give my pets that shot every year unless you definitely want them to get cancer The "3 years" is totally arbitrary, it was just recommended to balance the toxicity of the shot with the desire for pharma companies and vets to make money Other than rabies, most other pet vaccines are not necessary (or helpful), only suggested by your vet because So don't believe "all shots are required" because only 1 is and that's rabies. twigfingers: bornforthismiserybusiness: profoak: how does porn make money if i can literally just search free porn How do musicians make money when you can literally just download free music?To avoid getting the rabies shot too often, ask the vet to draw titers. Musicians make a lot of money from touring when's the last time you went to a live porn concert yesterday with ur mom Energy, Money, and Parents: DID YOU KNOW?To make money Be able to have SEX To be able to drive To have friends Not to shit your pants To be able to walk 00 O Amazing analysis of lifecycle Fucking, Irs, and Money: LTE 36% AM Chester Bennington To T SHARE stags tne more a CCe SSIOIe turn OTT tne ir latest aip L "One More Light".

Eleanor Parkhurst is determined to get in the way of Nathaniel Naverly seducing her sweet cousin Rose.

perma-link embed save parent report give gold reply [score hiddenj 58 minutes ago I've read the whole thing, I probably understand the bible far more than you do Anybody who truly understands the bible would understand it's a fairy tale constructed by men with archaic rules in order to control people and make money Also, pretty sure the bible says not to judge.

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