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Alberta and its neighbour Saskatchewan were districts of the Northwest Territories until they were established as provinces on September 1, 1905. Alberta is bounded by the provinces of British Columbia to the west and Saskatchewan to the east, the Northwest Territories to the north, and the U. About 290 km (180 mi) south of the capital is Calgary, the largest city in Alberta.

Calgary and Edmonton centre Alberta's two census metropolitan areas, both of which have populations exceeding one million, the fourth daughter of Victoria, Queen of Canada, and Albert, Prince Consort.

Princess Louise was the wife of John Campbell, Marquess of Lorne, Governor General of Canada (1878–83).

Lake Louise and Mount Alberta were also named in her honour.

Andrews by-the-Sea in New Brunswick I was asked by an American Tourist what was the name of the flag we had flying on our flagpost.

We asked readers to tell us the most ridiculous things they've been asked by tourists visiting Canada. "Many years ago when I was working for Parks Canada at the War of 1812 Blockhouse in St.

Its land area totals 3,851,809 square miles (9,976,185 square kilometers).

The easternmost portion of the country is a riverine and maritime environment, consisting of the provinces of Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.

This forest region extends across the entire country from the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains through to the Atlantic coast, and is dominated by coniferous trees.

The houses here are grand, all soaring pillars and elaborate verandahs.