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Following some deep digging, rabid fans revealed the HAWT arm candy to be none other than Evan Lowenstein. L.'s sexuality isn't clear, he did post this curious snap and caption in June of 2015: I tip my hat to the Supreme Court and the entire #LGBT community with the gayest pic I've ever posted (but not necessarily taken).They share an unusual bond, but it becomes short-lived when Professor Oglevee's stuck-up girlfriend, Veronica Cooper, insists that she cares for her man.In order to make some extra money, Kim, Nikki, Stevie and Anthony try to put together a calendar of Santa Monica College "hottest hunks." While Anthony has a crush on Kim, she ignores him until Nikki gives him a makeover. Kudos to him for playing such a childish character like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.

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Looking for extra income to help pay their college expenses, Kim and Nikki take jobs at a psychic hotline, and wind up being their star employees.

Start the night with a happy hour, bring in men for your single friends, facilitate their mingling, then kick the guys out when it’s time for the girls to get it in. Photo Shoot We’ve talked here before about playing dress-up. After makeovers and drinking games are done, try recording the night for posterity with a group photo shoot.