Chris brown dating rihanna now

18-Sep-2019 19:23

Karrueche alluded to Brown’s song “Back To Sleep” on the social media site just days before Brown’s dating life with Cydney hit the headlines, in which she claimed to have received a text from her mom that read “I was driving home today and the radio [played] this song and I heard the guy shout your name.” While Tran didn’t give away any further details and didn’t mention Chris by name, claimed that Brown took Tran’s message as a sign that she’s actually still thinking about him, despite the couple’s breakup last year.

“Either Karrueche’s looking for attention or she’s trying to tell Chris she still wants him.

2015 marks Rihanna's 10th year in the music industry, which started us wondering who inspired some of her "Loveeeeeee Songs" over the years.

So we compiled a Rih-lationship timeline to help figure it out.

Is Rihanna’s recent breakup with Drake turning nasty?

After Rihanna and Drake broke up last month, reports are now suggesting that their once close relationship could now be turning sour.

It wasn't long before rumours swirled that the former couple could be giving things another try.

Either way, let us break it down for you succinctly real quick here ...

Then 19-year-old Brown assaulted Rihanna in 2009 just hours before he was scheduled to perform at the prestigious Grammy Awards.

In case you're not familiar with their back and forth, we've created a complete overview of Drake and Rihanna's make-up and breakup history over the years.

Scroll down for a timeline of their on-and-off romance.“At the end of the day, Chris knows he’s still on Rihanna’s mind,” the site revealed of Brown’s alleged plans to get back to dating Rihanna again after her breakup with Drake.

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