Consolidating grammar material using different games Free cam2cam chat with single mother no sign up

15-Jan-2020 18:18

If teachers want students to remember new vocabulary, it needs to be learnt in context, practised, and then revised to prevent students from forgetting. Bearing all this in mind, teachers have to remember to employ a variety of techniques for new vocabulary presentation and revision. Many experienced textbook and methodology manuals writers have argued that games are not just time-filling activities but have a great educational value. He also says that games should be treated as central not peripheral to the foreign language teaching programme.Teachers must make sure students have understood the new words, which will be remembered better if introduced in a "memorable way" (Hubbard et. A similar opinion is expressed by Richard-Amato, who believes games to be fun but warns against overlooking their pedagogical value, particularly in foreign language teaching. "Games can lower anxiety, thus making the acquisition of input more likely" (Richard-Amato 197).Describing something as ‘difficult‘, rather than challenging, builds a set of expectations that will hinder their learning and, more importantly, the love of learning itself.Let’s face it: half of the time we don’t even give our students a chance to decide for themselves–we make them hate verb conjugations from the beginning! Let’s play around with the wonderful world of euphemism and opt for ‘challenging’ instead of ‘difficult’.After all, the best thing I got out of my ‘verbs are difficult’ approach was a premature acceptance of failure.Whereas now, with all my efforts in turning ‘difficult’ into ‘challenging’, students leave my classroom feeling empowered–feeling able to tackle something big and succeed in their quest.

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Yet, as those of us who have ever tried to learn a language know, when it comes to speaking skills, confidence and enjoyment are often hard-won, especially if you are shy or introverted.Moreover, learning vocabulary is often perceived as a tedious and laborious process.In this article I would like to examine some traditional techniques and compare them with the use of language games for vocabulary presentation and revision, in order to determine whether they are more successful in presenting and revising vocabulary than other methods.Students will require use of a dictionary for reading and listening exercises at home. Students will be expected to complete both ‘learning’ and ‘producing’ homeworks.

Often they will be expected to learn words and consolidate their work from class.

Second, games can stimulate very fruitful discussion.

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