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A deputy commissioner of police (DCP) monitors the entire investigations with two assistant commissioners of police (ACP).

Six assistant police inspectors (API) and four police sub-inspectors (PSI) assist the PI because according to the rulebook they cannot be the investigating officer of the case.

This chapter examines the underside of the Philippine Information Society—the cybersex phenomenon.

In looking at cybersex, we take stock of the Philippine ICT framework’s aim of building “a people-centered, inclusive, development-oriented Information Society” through the state promotion of Filipinos as “world-class” workers and citizens.

We use the perspective of affective labour to argue that, because ICT-led development failed for these sectors, the response is an illegal service industry that also makes use of, if not feeds off of, the same technological infrastructure largely supported by foreign capital.

Addressing this challenge, we propose, begins with a reconsideration of cybersex as a form of ICT-facilitated affective labour and learning from the multifaceted narratives that constitute informal uses of ICTs.

This will also mean a four-time increase in the existing manpower.

At present, there are three police inspectors (PI) with each having 200 cases on their heads.

He began to chat often with a young woman whom he had met on the site.

Their chats soon got intimate and at one point, the woman suggested they exchange nude photographs.

Deputy commissioner of police (DCP), cyber, Sachin Patil, said, “In today’s information technology era, crimes have crossed the physical boundaries and entered the realm of cyber space.