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10-Nov-2019 16:30

Add a spritz of Malin Goetz musk and I'm ready to roll.

And for shoes, a little height (I ain't no giant) with some black leather Chelsea boots, vintage ones. I'm one year without a smoke and now I'm supposed to, what, just walk up to some girl amongst the hundreds confabbing on Astroturf up here and be all, Hey, what's up?

Yes, New Yorkers also pass on prospective mates because they're too nice, needy, live in a neighborhood that’s inconvenient, or are just plain weird. You’re usually meeting at the bar/restaurant/coffee shop. What if it’s one of the eight months a year when it’s freezing or those other four when it’s unbearably humid?

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Let's aim low: I want to wake up naked next to a girl with whom I share something minor in common, and have her look at me with some minor expression that's not regret.

Which also means it was my first real breakup, rife with re-examination, fictionalizing, joint custody of friends, finger pointing, and painful silence.