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11-Sep-2019 13:13

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Nature did this instinctively so that we would mate and reproduce without thinking about all the pitfalls and issues that could arise, because if we think about it too much, we might miss the chance to make babies …WHOA! You’re just dating, getting to know someone, maybe falling in love, right? And that’s the more civilized brain surfacing to try and make sense out of the lovely feelings of attraction and desire those hormones are throwing around.

When we meet someone that strikes our fancy and turns us on there is an actual chemical surge that happens, first in brain, and the rest of us follows.

Relationships tend to progress in stages and you can virtually time these stages sometimes: the three month mark, the 6 month mark, etc..

Do you know when it’s time to be clear about your relationship intentions?

So, you plunge in and hopefully use protection, but is that enough?

Those three months should be a drama and ultimatum-free zone. Just a period of savoring; the gritty, totally worth it hard work can come later. If something works between two people, then there is no rush.

But so many of us meet our significant other in, er... Whether you found your prince “charming enough” at a dive bar during last call or when scrolling through a dating app, there are a lot of unknowns when you get serious with someone. I had a huge advantage in the level of trust in our relationship.

via GIPHY If you’re thinking about moving in together after only a few months, then good for you! I knew for sure that he wasn’t a felon or a lying jerk.

You’re still evaluating each other, figuring out if you’re a good match long term, learning about each other’s needs and characteristics, etc..

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Coming on too strong too soon can be quite scary for the other person, especially if they themselves are a bit slower when it comes to relationships and opening up to people.

I had faith, but mainly because I had character witnesses, background information, and years of solid proof.

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