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25-Feb-2020 20:48

The site is actually a front for a similar, but more fully featured, website called

Both are registered anonymously but have been traced to a genuine business in Santa Monica, California, with a spokesperson who swears that they are 100 percent legitimate dating sites.

Far cheaper than meeting women who say they are into sailing but really into megayachts & free dinners. it's not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails.

When you’re feeling lonely and lost out on the sea, now there’s a place to go and find the lady of your dreams, and sail into the sunset where no one hears her screams: Sea Captain Those lines are cribbed from the official Sea Captain theme song, as featured in this helpful music video advertising the site.

Rumour spread that the boat was full of gold and the dig had to be guarded night and day.

Excavating the boat from the mud without damaging it, quickly enough to extract it before the water rose again, was a difficult process which lasted 12 days and nights.

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There are similar clubs on both coasts and probably on the Great Lakes as well. But the above approach may still be applicable to your neck of the woods.

“If I could have had something inside the boat to lower it by myself, I would have never got hurt”.

So John and his team went to work and created a blower box system that was not only safe for boating passengers, but easy to use as a second set of hands getting the boat on and off the lift.

Everything is built from the ground up from the time you place your order until it goes out the door. As your system goes down the line, it is spot checked for Quality Control and put together by our knowledgeable staff.

Are there any dating sites where people alone on the ocean can meet like minded souls to share their love of sailing in a romantic way. I know more than a few people who initially met while being members of the sailing club with very active social life.

Not making the dock and falling between the lift and the dock.