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30-Oct-2019 18:14

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There are a number of antique four-poster beds extant dating to the 16th century and earlier; many of these early beds are highly ornate and are made from oak.

An example of such an early 16th-century four-poster resides in Crathes Castle, which was made for the original castle owners in the Burnett of Leys family.

The poster was designed by Rueckert Advertising & Public Relations.

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The barcode on the teen’s forehead is eye-catching, drawing the viewer to the headline, “ You are not his property.” The headline refers to the fact that teen dating violence is about more than physical violence.

A single-camera comedy about coming home again - when home is a comic book store in a suburban strip mall.

Warring brothers Terry and Peter are forced to take over the reins of their ...

You’re always there when I’m in a CRUNCH, and you make me feel like 100 GRAND! Thanks for putting this ring on my (BUTTER) FINGER! Please don’t think I’m a NERD or SNICKER at me for making this poster.

But I just had to TAKE 5 minutes and tell you that I love you to (REESE’S) PIECES! But the absurd cast of characters she encounters makes her wonder if being single is not so bad after all.