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16-Sep-2019 21:15

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You can also read Joysa’s blog on progressive Jewish topics and politics.For the first year after her husband Mort died of cancer, Mary Childs, now 68, looked mainly to her two sisters and her quilting friends for comfort and a social connection.”I couldn’t do much more than that," says the Lakewood, CO, retired nurse.“Mort had been a hunter and had promised to teach me how to shoot,“ she says, “but we never got around to it.” When a shooting range, started by two former SEALS, opened near her home, Mary decided to learn what she had missed with husband.“I met so many wonderful people at target practice,“ she says, “and I even started entering competitions around the country with many of the people I met locally.” Now, four years after losing her husband, Mary’s confidence and sense of empowerment has grown, as has her social life.

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