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02-Mar-2020 05:14

Carolina breaks down and laments that she can't and never will beat Tex.

As the drones begin to surround Carolina, Donut suddenly destroys them with several plasma grenades. Suddenly, out of nowhere, three plasma grenades stick to three drone's heads.

I think that the President should just clean up this whole mess here. Like I've been a, I've been a cabbie for seventeen years, ten years at night and I still don't own my own cab.

You know like uh, you do a thing and that's what you are. One guy lives in Brooklyn, one guy lives in Sutton Place, you get a lawyer, another guy's a doctor, another guy dies, another guy gets well, and you know, people are born.

Wash tells Epsilon to find the real Tex so he can shut down the army.

And I see all these phones and all this stuff on your desk. Then when I came inside and I met you, I saw in your eyes and I saw the way you carried yourself that you're not a happy person. And if you want to call it a friend, you can call it a friend.

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[He thinks] Whatever it is, you should clean up this city here, because this city here is like an open sewer you know.