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These 'exudates' have ill-defined margins and are actually areas of ischaemia containing cytoid bodies, unlike hard exudates which are generally lipid deposits; (3) larger exudates, as found in the severe forms of retinopathy. remains unclear despite repeated thoracentesis with appropriate evaluation followed by an ultrasound-guided core needle/Abrams needle biopsy as described above, the next step would be to offer the patient a medical or surgical thoracoscopy.

Any fluid or semisolid that has oozed out of a tissue or its capillaries, more specifically because of injury or inflammation in which case it is characteristically high in protein and white blood cells. a fluid with a high content of protein and cellular debris which has escaped from blood vessels and has been deposited in tissues or on tissue surfaces, usually as a result of inflammation. by Ominijei [8] revealed that it is composed of polysaccharide chains that have flexible and compact conformation like glycol protein dissolving in water to low viscosity Newtonian fluid at high concentration.

By definition there are few leukocytes in this exudate.

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Previously called decubitus or bed sore, a pressure ulcer is the result of damage caused by pressure over time causing an ischemia of underlying structures.

- Thin and watery exudate (fluid) containing some blood is a normal part of wound healing.