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"That was kind of crappy." Hunter answered, "I wrote the book to tell the truth.I was truthful about their dynamic." During the interview, Hunter acknowledged that depsite recent photographs of the happy family on a North Carolina beach, they have now split ways.In a 2013 book on the films of Ridley Scott, AI has been identified as a unifying theme throughout Scott's career as a director, as is particularly evident in Prometheus, primarily through the android David.David, the android in the film Prometheus, is like humans but does not want to be anything like them, eschewing a common theme in "robotic storytelling" seen in Scott's other films such as Blade Runner, and the Alien franchise (see section on AI in service to society).All this is from John Brunner’s 1975 science fiction novel Set in the early 21st century, the book imagines a state-corporate surveillance and identity-management system and a hopelessly distracted and media-saturated population of flexible tech and service industry workers unable to think about anything in the long term.

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Science fiction sometimes emphasizes the dangers of artificial intelligence, and sometimes its positive potential.

To close the interview, Barbara Walters said she had a "bone to pick" with Hunter, noting that, in her memoir, Hunter accused Walters of "bullying her" after Hunter gave an exclusive interview to Oprah after meeting with Walters first.