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Archaeological excavations have revealed remnants from the Lower Paleolithic period.Norwalk, California - When I had my spring concert at Excelsior High School I got bored and decided to walk downstairs with two of my other friends we opened the first room to the right and saw a blocked of stair case and two small crawl spaces. Loma Linda, California - My nephew had surgery last weekend at Loma Linda hospital.Prior to the merger of the Diocese of Mérida and the Diocese of Badajoz, Badajoz was the see of the Diocese of Badajoz from the bishopric's inception in 1255.The city has a degree of eminence, crowned as it is by the ruins of a Moorish castle and overlooking the Guadiana river, which flows between the castle-hill and the powerfully armed fort of San Cristobal.The architecture of Badajoz is indicative of its tempestuous history; even the Badajoz Cathedral, built in 1238, resembles a fortress, with its massive walls.Badajoz is home to the CD Badajoz and AD Cerro de Reyes football clubs and the AB Pacense basketball club.You'll overnight in Rio de Janeiro, Iguassu Falls, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Cusco.

The winners were named at the pageant's coronation night Sunday, April 17, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Chowchilla, California - This town Chowchilla, CA is plagued with black shadow people. I need help from someone who is aware of these things. Whittier, California - I saw a large dark figure that looked like a tall man in old clothes with Quaker hat in the alley between Greenleaf and Newlin in the alley on Thursday May 18th 1030 pm.

The worse is on Myer Drive and all it's surrounding buildings. I have lived in Whittier my whole life and can say it was real....

I recently moved into a 1 bedroom unit near Dakota and 99.

The complex has an old history having been moved from the old Vendo site ...

He was there for 3 nights so they put my sister up in the Ronald Mc Donald house to stay.