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The aim is to create a management agent for your HR data source.

In this example I’m using a SQL database, but it could equally be CSV, SAP, Oracle or something else.

But there is no direct way to do this kind of OU (container) assignment in Active Directory.

Some applications with integrated access to AD allow for OU assignments, but that doesn’t help you with your day-to-day maintenance of your Active Directory domain.

But this article will just focus on OU shadow groups.

THE TASK Assign all members of an Organizational Unit (OU) to a Security Group automatically, without manual intervention.

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So if we call a deployment “business1″ we will access that as: https://business1.For testing, we purchased a standard Wildcard SSL certificate that applied that to the IIS Server In our case we registered a test domain: iwebscrm15and set the SSL wildcard to: *.iwebscrm15and applied that cert to the server.

If you’re not using the Portal,you will need to configure this tab – see Creating and Management Agent If using codeless sync you can also leave the flow rules blank for now, though you may find you need to revisit this tab if you want to created Advnaced flow rules that aren’t currently possible with codeless.

Note that it’s fine to use a combination of codeless and coded rules. On this page we specify how to identify that an object in the external system matches an object in the Metaverse.

The service account used in the connection properties of the Management Agent must have sufficient rights to execute the required changes in AD.

Typically a Domain Admin account will be used, but if this is not permitted in your environment you will need to do some testing. Value = mail Nickname 'The following filter selects users whose department equals the DDL cn csentry("ms Exch Dynamic DLFilter"). cn=System Mailbox)" _ & "(&(&(&(& (mailnickname=*)" _ & "(| (&(object Category=person)(object Class=user)" _ & "(|(home MDB=*)(ms Exch Home Server Name=*))) )))" _ & "(object Category=user)(department=" _ & mventry("cn").

Here, I will be a wildcard certificate, for example, describes how to create a certificate: 1) Open IIS Manager 2) Click the server name in the main screen double click Server Certificates 3) In the right panel, click Create Certificate Request…