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Ailments not attributed to any other illnesses disappeared and I was able to walk further.My stamina increased, my blood pressure dropped and I started to value my health, and myself, more.Additional materials will be added to this site on a regular basis.Related information can be found on the following sections of this web site: Tobacco-related Health Problems & Older Persons; Tobacco & the Elderly Notes newsletters; and the Smoke-Free Environments Law Project site, particularly the ETS & Health Effects portion of that site.This site is intended to provide information on and access to materials concerning smoking cessation, the effects of smoking cessation on the health of older persons, and the value of healthy lifestyles for older persons, which include not smoking or being subjected to secondhand smoke.Since this portion of this site has been created in August, 2000, we will largely be including materials and articles below which are published after this date; for references to materials on this subject published prior to this date, go to the section of this site titled Bibliography of Tobacco & Older Persons Articles.Seniors have expressed time and time again that they want to remain independent for as long as possible.Giving up smoking helps your body remain healthy and strong which leads to longer independence.

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