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25-Jan-2020 08:16

Also, you can let your boss know how you plan to make up the time you spend breastfeeding (typically 15 minutes three times a day). Many moms expect to rush back to work after the baby’s born—and after all, doesn’t that show your employer you’re dedicated to the job?But you might not even have to make it up if you’re smart about how you pump. Sure, but here’s the problem: you need time to master the art of breastfeeding—and dealing with a newborn, for that matter. Rushing back to work and then under-performing or needing to take sporadic time off to cope with new challenges won’t send the right message to your employer about your ability to juggle work and motherhood.As a working woman, it’s already incredibly difficult to balance work and motherhood. If your company doesn’t want to lose you, they’ll be more likely to want to work with you. You can prepare yourself now by becoming indispensable and incredibly talented at your job.The object of their obsession: the Smithsonian National Zoo’s panda cams, which offer mesmerizing glimpses of the zoo’s female giant panda, Mei Xiang, nursing and nuzzling her squealing newborn cub. The action tantalizing much of the Washington region and beyond happens inside one of Mei Xiang’s dens, where mother and child bond under ,000 worth of high-definition cameras and infrared lights. From late July (when new high-definition cameras were installed) to Friday, the zoo has recorded more than 847,000 clicks on its panda-cam Web page, with about 529,000 of those coming since the day of the cub’s birth, according to Mike Thorpe, the zoo’s Web specialist.It is a confidential one-to-one secure online chat with a trained breastfeeding supporter.

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But if you take away the social conditioning that makes it “taboo”, I think you will find that there is more of a fascination with adult breastfeeding relationships than most people are willing to admit.

Adult Breastfeeding can be a simple sexual fetish, but for many, it is much more.

The mention of an adult suckling from a woman’s breasts can get a multitude of reactions.

For many in our western civilization, the idea of adult breastfeeding may be appalling, or at the least shocking.By law, workplaces with over 50 employees are required to provide working moms with break time and a private spot (besides the restroom) to pump breast milk—but that doesn’t mean they’ll be happy about it.

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