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10-Oct-2019 19:16

As college students stroll the campus at Concordia University Irvine, a mother and son chat under a shade tree like it’s no big deal.But if you believe in lifelong learning, it’s a very big deal.You don't need to be a basketball fan to know that's remarkable. That was the worst time because the police threw me out. You more likely need to be a basketball fan to know that the greatest NBA team ever was the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. I’ve done this since Dray was in college [at Michigan State under coach Tom Izzo]. Once he got in the NBA, I was actually tweeting his games, I just didn’t have any followers. In some ways, this commencement at Concordia marks new beginnings for both.In a few months, the son will start a music master’s degree where he also plans on earning a teaching credential.He sent two picture messages, one 'with a hoodie underneath' and one without.

Things weren’t a whole lot different for her daughter. Although Dad only had a sixth-grade education, he quickly found work.In a few weeks, mom will start a new job as clinical director of speech pathology at California Baptist University in Riverside.But in deep and meaningful ways, graduation day also marks the end of a long and sometimes forbidden journey — a journey that began nearly eight decades ago in the hills of Michoacan, Mexico.As an educator at both the K-12 and college level, I have been trying to find a variety of ways to instill digital citizenship in students.

In November 2013, I wanted to create a teachable moment for my undergraduate students on the permanency of their decisions made online, as well as the consequences of an unintended audience.

If you aren't watching the Golden State Warriors this season, you're sleeping on history, my friend. He took it away because he said I didn’t know how to act. Draymond was probably in middle school or something. But when Dray was playing, one of the security officers was in my way and I threw some water on her.