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Were palm trees rather than conifers protruding from behind the group, one might place the setting of the photograph in a desert. We are in the middle of Europe right after World War II.

And when one notes what is scattered in front of the group the mystery deepens. The peasants in the photograph are standing atop the ashes of 800,000 Jews gassed and cremated in the Treblinka extermination camp between July 1942 and October 1943.

Neurons in patches were indeed less orientation selective, but the difference was subtle, indicating that the processing of form and color is not strictly segregated in V1. Neurol.&rft.volume=386&rft.spage=217&rft.epage=228& distribution of cytochrome oxidase-rich blobs in the primary visual cortex of macaque monkeys&rfr_id=info:sid/

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And what is almost beyond belief is that what really happened goes far beyond what anyone could ever have imagined.

Those who sought to diminish the tragedy claimed 6 million was a gross exaggeration.

Others went further and denied the historicity of the Holocaust itself, absurdly claiming the Jews fabricated their extermination to gain sympathy for the Zionist cause. The reality was much worse than whatever we imagined.

Yet despite the bucolic setting, this particular photograph is disquieting—and not just because it’s out of focus.

Something feels off-kilter about the landscape, which cannot be pegged easily to a geographical location.Before filling in the online application form, please read carefully the instructions available at If you wish to print the form, please do so before submitting it.