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For that purpose Lafitte was regarded as a great hero by the people who lived in that area, and a criminal by the US authorities. Many historical reports claim that he was born between 1770-1776 widely different places, from Bordeaux in France, all up to French territories of Saint-Domingue (located in modern day Tahiti).

Lafitte came into providence after 1804 when Louisiana became part of a United States territory, and after government started enforcing famous Embargo Act of 1807 that stated that American trade ships cannot visit any foreign ports.

Approximately 1784, his mother married Pedro Aubry, a New Orleans merchant; Jean stayed with his mother while Pierre was raised by extended family elsewhere in Louisiana. He was the son of Pierre Lafitte and Marie La Grange, who married in 1769.

Jean Lafitte (born around 1776, died around 1823) is today remembered as one of the most successful pirates and privateers of the early 19th century.

Many new facilities became erected, and Jean Lafitte spent his entire time on the island regulating and managing day-to-day business of outfitting privateers and arraigning the transfer of stolen goods.

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During his lifetime he gathered significant and colorful fame, with many people thinking of him to be either hero (who fought for the independence of United States economy) or the notorious pirate.

Operating in the waters of Mexican Gulf, he managed to organize fleet of pirate a smuggling vessels for the purpose of conducting free and untaxed trade with the city of New Orleans.

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