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It’s the only prime-time interview Stronach has agreed to do since the Tie Domi scandal.When Stroumboulopoulos poses the question, he leans forward, wiggling a pen in his fingers, casting his affectionate, sad-dog eyes on her.(replacing Wheel of Fortune), along with a late-night encore that moved to p.m.due to the expansion of late local news at several of the CBC's major market stations.

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Born on August 16, 1972, in Malton, Ontario, Canada, he grew up in Toronto by his mother.When he’s done, he leaps back onstage to introduce some newsy bits, then transitions to a memorable piece about a guy who cleans up bloody crime scenes for a living (the smell so fetid he had to shave his beard to remove the lingering stench), then on to an interview with a movie-promoting Terry Gilliam.Stroumboulopoulos has the intensity characteristic of the sleepless.The show had two opening theme songs during its history.

Its first was "Use It" by The New Pornographers, which was replaced by "The Good in Everyone" by Canadian rock band Sloan at the start of the 2008 broadcast season.After that, he moved to the CFNY-Fm for hosting carious of the show which included Live in Toronto.