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In his new book, co-authored with James Barth and Gerard Caprio, "Guardians of Finance," Levine outlines ways to reduce that bias and ensure the umpires of the financial markets are calling strikes fairly.

I had a chance to speak with Levine recently on the roots of the financial crisis, the flaws of Dodd-Frank, and how an independent agency to watch regulators could prevent the next financial crisis.

Read the stories of the places, the people, and the organizations that battled the epidemic at this digital encyclopedia.

There's a great book called "Scorecasting." It's by a guy named Tobias Moskowitz, who's a professor at the University of Chicago, and also Jon Wertheim, who is a writer for Sports Illustrated, and they tackle the question about why does the home team in sports win such a large percentage of the games.

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Opponents have called it a massive and burdensome assault on the banking industry and free markets generally; champions have said it's a necessary corrective to deregulation in the '80s and '90s and our best chance to prevent another financial crisis.