Gridview rowupdating dropdownlist c

07-Oct-2019 17:36

sir, it is realy good sample but i have a question. may be i have to control the door is open or not (suppose that 4 times in a yer i mean 3 month later again) a task.. checkdate (textbox with datetimepicker)/ /chkbox( if that time that task complate should check)/ / 2.

checkdate/ /chkbox( if that time that task complate should check)/.....

On Row Data Bound by using `Find Control` will get the dropdown list and then bind it with our Data Table.

Bonus : Now in edit mode we will set gridview dropdown list selected value as it displays before edit mode.

THANKSThank you this is exactly what I was looking for but I am using Check Box List with multiple check boxes.

The checkbox portion of your solution works with only one checkbox.

También se dispone de distintos tipos de representación visual, como ser un Link, Button o Image.

So now we added a drop-down list under edit template, which will display only on edit mode. This is a simple task, we made a common function `gv Bind()` which binds our Gridview control with data.

Para este caso en particular se agregara solo la opción de selección.