How to handle an intimidating spouse

24-Jan-2020 18:03

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You’re just selfish.” You could say: “I love you and I think I’ll wear this.” If he is prone to violence, have the phone near by to call 911 if he threatens you physically.If he hits you, call the police and have him arrested.There are numerous psychological tricks for dealing with intimidating people and I’m going to outline the most important ones below.Some people tend to have natural abilities when it comes to dealing with others, they tend to be able to read other people quite well and can read between the lines.This is the fourteenth of 16 blogs discussing the patterns of tactics from my power and control wheel — Symbolic Aggression.Drawing from research with men who have used symbolic aggression, and women who have been subjected to it, this blog illustrates just some of the tactics — these include the ways the perpetrator uses his body to intimidate, stalking behaviours, destroying, hiding or misusing the woman’s property, using physical items to intimidate such as driving recklessly, threats to kill or harm her, her friends, family, new partner or pets.The reason we get frustrated in our lives is that things we want to happen don’t. For example: you might wear something else to cook breakfast in.

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You can give your husband the choice of being controlling or of being frustrated.

Susan gave an example of how her controlling ex-husband’s mere presence terrified her.

They are also better at reading unintentional nonverbal messages, such as signals of deception.… continue reading »

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