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20-Feb-2020 08:08

Since Wall of Blades requires an attack roll, it would suffer the same PA penalty.

This could mean you are only swinging with a 3-5 or so, and would probably be better off just having him hit vs your AC... I thought that might be the case, but don't have my books with me at the moment.

But, can I use a maneuver at the same time that I'm using the intimidating strike feat?

I've put as much as I can into cranking my warblade's charisma, Intimidate and Duel of Wills ability.

(Could you combine Brutal Strike with Intimidating Strike? Hmmmm.) Netherese Battle Curse looks awesome once I get any number of spells slots to speak of, but again, as a super-low-level Hexblade that's not really applicable. Actions are worth more than anything at most levels. If my advice doesn't apply, specify a version in your post.

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