Little people big world dating daze

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Zach and Jeremy confront Amy about her dating life.

Tired of his living situation, Matt dreams up something big for the farm while Amy plans a birthday boat ride with friends.

So Matt and Amy go to a speaking conference in Las Vegas.

Amy has trouble getting ready for her speech at Central Michigan University with all the excitement going on around the farm, and she is nervous about the talk as she travels to the school. The family takes a trip to the theme park Knott's Berry Farm in California for a fun vacation, but Zach is disappointed to learn he won't be able to ride all of the roller coasters with the other kids because of his shunt.

Both the twins, Jeremy and Zach, have trouble completing their school year academically; and after receiving their report cards, they realize they both made Fs in math; the twins' failing grades mean they must attend summer school.

The Roloffs continue their trip across country in an RV and their next stop is Death Valley, California which can reach temperatures of 128-degrees; during the journey Amy and the kids wonder what Matt was thinking when he did his planning.

And Jeremy surprises Audrey for their second anniversary.

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They run a 34-acre farm in Oregon and have four children, three of whom are average-size while one is a little person.Amy Roloff is finally speaking out about her ex-husband Matt’s new romance with the family’s longtime farm manager and assistant, Caryn Chandler.In a shocking new clip for the upcoming season of Little People, Big World, the mother of four, 52, slams the pairing as “hurtful.” Amy, Matt, and Caryn even all meet up for a very tense meeting about farm matters.Season 6, Episode 12November 8, 2010Zach signs up for a dating class, hoping he'll learn how to break the ice with the opposite sex.

Meanwhile, the family suspect that Molly is interested in a boy.For example, Zach and Tori Roloff are preparing for the birth of their first child, a son.