Long lost brother and sister dating

04-Oct-2019 14:13

Ms Egberts and her mother stayed in Breda in the Netherlands, while Mr de Vries and his twin brother Maarten moved to Belgium with their father.He moved back to Holland in 2008 to study and this month he was matched to Ms Egberts on Tinder.He said: “Erik and I obviously knew for years that we had a little sister.You obviously don’t think about her every day, but a few years ago we did undertake a vain quest to find her.“It’s too crazy for words that you come into contact with each other again like this, but that also makes it very special.Tinder - a global dating app which boasts 21 million matches each day - only allows two people to message each other if both parties express an interest by swiping right on the other's profile picture.After messaging back and forth, details began to emerge about Josephine that made Erik suspicious of who she might be - namely a girl from Breda, where he had grown up, who had been separated from her twin brothers.

“It was so special to see my own blood brother again after 16 years.” They told the newspaper that they plan to stay in touch.

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