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01-Dec-2019 15:52

The Microsoft Visual Studio TFS Integration Tools is a suite of tools, built on top of the TFS Integration Platform, that facilitate integration between external systems and Team Foundation Server.

For more information visit this page or review the latest data sheet.

Currently, the scope of this project is to enable TFS to integrate with other version control and work-item/bug tracking systems, but the eventual goal of this project is to enable integration with a broader range of tools/systems (i.e. This platform enables the development of two major classifications of tools: tools that move data unidirectionally into TFS, and tools that synchronize data bidirectionally.

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Ps TFS is a set of Power Shell commands to manage and use Team Foundation Server.

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We monitor the forum closely and infrequently look at items in the Issue Tracker.

The basic case here is that you’re looking at another branch or perhaps someone’s fork of a project, but you only want to bring over one commit, a few commits, or what have you.

Luckily, Git has plenty of tools to make this easy for you. There’s been a lot of development on jekyll lately, but I only want to bring in one or two specific changesets. Using block syntax of popen4 to ensure that subprocesses...At the water cooler, you get word that Sally made an interesting change to on the trunk.