Oledbcommand not updating

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For example, you can run an SQL statement that inserts, updates, or deletes rows in a database table.You can configure the OLE DB Command Transformation in the following ways: You can log the calls that the OLE DB Command transformation makes to external data providers.The properties of the Ole Db Data Adapter object update the Data Source with the data modifications that are run on a Data Set object.The following code writes from a form to an Access DB. This is the entire method for updating one of the tables, as follows: Ole Db Connection con My Data; Ole Db Command cmd Sql; string str SQL; con My Data = Data Manager. Resources Public Class Main Class Shared Dim Ole Db Connection As System. Update Command = Ole Db Update Command Address Book Data Adapter. Execute Non Query() Display() Disconnect() End Sub Shared Sub Display() Dim Ole Db Select Command As System. Ole Db Connection Shared Dim Address Book Data Adapter As System. Connection = Ole Db Connection Address Book Data Adapter. Command Text = "UPDATE Customers Table SET Company Name = @p2 WHERE Company Name = @p1"; command. Execute Non Query(); will refer to the first, second, and then first parameter (so although they're positional it's sort of like the first instance of each parameter name is used in determining position).

See the Developer Guide for details about programmatically configuring this transformation.If we could load the data into a staging table and then write Delete statement by joining two tables that would be better solution(set based queries).As we do not have option to create table and we have to handle everything in Data Flow task. Selected Value); Text Box txt Sub Category Name = (Text Box)e. Find Control( "txt Sub Category Name"); Text Box txt Sub Category Description = (Text Box)e. Find Control( "txt Sub Category Description"); // This section updates using a SQL statement str SQL = "UPDATE Sub Categories SET " "Category ID = @Category ID, " "Sub Category Name = @Sub Category Name, " "Description = @Sub Category Description " " WHERE Sub Category ID = @Sub Category ID"; cmd Sql = new Ole Db Command(str SQL,con My Data); cmd Sql. Add("@Sub Category ID",int Sub Category ID); cmd Sql. Try changing your code around a little bit, creating the parameters first and then adding them to the parameter collection inside the // after assigning con My Data Ole Db Parameter catid Param = new Ole Db Parameter( "@Category ID", 0 ); // etc.

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Command Text = "UPDATE Records SET First Name = @firstname, Last Name = @lastname, Age = @age, Address = @address, Course = @course WHERE [ID] = @id"; cmd.

NET Framework data provider to connect to a data source and Command objects to retrieve data from and resolve changes to the data source.