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For example, its owners do not have to disclose much financial or accounting information about the company.In the United States, it is easy and relatively inexpensive to found a private company, and most small to medium sized businesses are private. For example, IKEA, Publix Supermarkets, Mars Candy, and Hallmark Cards are all privately held.Ground-Breaking Dating Modules (Exclusive to the dating industry)Modules for memberships within the portal which will start in the United States and then expand to Canada. Powerful Portal Solution The objectives as well as the vision is to have a world-wide roll out with a clear phase-in approach instead of being forced to phase out powerful designs and solutions due to technical issues.With this type of business model we look to secure as well as protect our brand.Public companies, on the other hand, have sold at least a portion of their shares to the public to be traded on a stock exchange.This is why an IPO is also referred to as "going public." A privately held company has some benefits that are forfeited once it goes public.

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You can potentially approach the owners of a private company about investing, but they're not obligated to sell you anything.

Over the last 2 years our Think-Tank was observing every single aspect of Online Dating Industry; its needs, risks, growth, potential, dependencies, opportunities, competition, market, people expectations and benefits.

Therefore, after mutual understanding we come to the conclusion of launching Freemium Portal for being a part of the next big multi-billion dollar industry in 2014.

Prior to an IPO the company is considered private, with a relatively small number of shareholders made up primarily of early investors (such as the founders, their families and friends) and professional investors (such as venture capitalists or angel investors).

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The public, on the other hand, consists of everybody else – any individual or institutional investor who wasn’t involved in the early days of the company and who is interested in buying shares of the company.

Most of Zoosk’s revenue comes from subscription fees, which made up 86 percent of its business in 2014.