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Women are often made to feel as if they should not enjoy the same things in life as men.

So I am trying to explain to her that she cannot meet with a potential groom in her own hometown, because if someone would decide to visit her and she will play with him, i mean came-left all of the sudden, didn’t invite to her place, than eventually nothing will happen.

I told her many times that it is much better dating on a neutral territory or to organize the meeting at my place, but she thinks that women are smart, so there wouldn’t happen anything bad if the meeting will happen in her hometown, so i am asking for an advice how to explain to my mother the thing that she should listen to me at least a little.

Did you know that today is the most popular day for shopping on the internet?

No wonder my internet dating connection was so slow this morning...

Don't get me wrong, I think that the online personals sites are brilliant for meeting people, but you do have a tendency to 'over share' when you've built up a relationship by email.

This is fine for the first date - in fact, it's a relief to have a few pointers on which to hang conversation.

One way to find love is definitely the “pleasure to themselves.” An interesting person and you like to be more attractive in the eyes of others!It is just because you are a foreigner; it is something exotic to her.You cross the ocean to be with her like a prince on the white horse coming for his princess.And the longer i live in America the more i understand the fact that happiness in reality exists in the heart of each person, it all depends on the way how we see the world.

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Of course for a woman it is very important to be with a beloved man who is a very caring and understanding man, but looking for such a man takes time, and a lot of efforts, it is very nice the fact that this daughter tries helping her mother to find her happiness, but she should understand that she would not be able to make her happy until the moment when she will want that herself. And in the case if she will not tell him, she will simply start her new relationship from lying which is not good at all.

There certainly is a certain mindset that a man needs to have if he is going to be successful at having One Night Stand.

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