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== ($fname = readdir($h_dir))) PROBLEM IS : The "is_dir()" must have the FULL PATH or it will skip some dirs. $fname)) call_own_subdir_process; // skip subdirs The pitfall really was, that without full path some subdirs were found..this clears all up Prints out:bool(true)(Windows Note: Under recent versions of Windows you can set symlinks as long as you're administrator, but you cannot remove directory symlinks with "unlink()", you will have to use "rmdir testlink" from the shell to get rid of it.) Note that there quite a few articles on the net that imply that commands like is_dir, opendir, readdir cannot read paths with spaces. Sample test code; $dir = "Images/Soma ALbum Name with spaces"; echo $dir."";// Open a directory, and read its contentsif (is_dir($dir))NOTE: you should obviously be checking beforehand if $dir is actually a directory, and that it is readable, as only relying on this you would assume that in both cases you have a non-empty readable directory.

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Just a note for anyone who encounters is_dir() returning false on CIFS mount points or directories within those mount points on 2.6.31 and newer kernels: Apparently in new kernels they've started using the CIFS serverino option by default.

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