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“I think those are both extremes to be honest with you,” she said laughing. for people that are young, that are in high school or college or something …

Patton also didn’t hold back when asked if she’d rather hookup on the first night, or play by the three month rule.

He then premiered the song titled "Get Her Back", written about her, at the 2014's Billboard Music Awards, and a month later, he announced that the title of his seventh album would be Paula, after the actress.

I came right off a tour and I had all these songs and all these ideas and feelings in my heart. I wrote all the songs in about three weeks and we recorded the album in about a month.

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We've reached out to their reps for further comment, and it seems the rumor probably isn't true.

“Multiple sources CONFIRMED to us that Latifah is now dating actress Paula Patton, Robin Thicke’s ex-wife,” the website writes.

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Search by filters, aspects, positions, categories, heights, or latest additions.However, she has admitted the experience has been emotional.It has proven difficult to leave her son, whom she and Robin have joint custody of, while she goes off to work because he's more aware of her going away now that he's older.'It's the challenge of being a working mother and it's the first time he ever said that to me because I did work when he was a baby but now he is more aware of everything, so what are you going to do?The album's official release date was July 1, 2014, though it was streamed by Thicke's record company a day early, on June 30, 2014.

The album, released by Star Trak Entertainment and Interscope Records, served as a tribute to his estranged wife Paula Patton.Celebrities clicked on in real-time: 454,219,619 times.