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He is met by Yosuke Hanamura, the son of the local department store manager; Chie Satonaka, an energetic girl with a strong interest in kung fu; Yukiko Amagi, a calm and refined girl whose family owns the local inn; Kanji Tatsumi, a first-year student whose punk reputation hides a softer side; Teddie, a mysterious figure from the TV world who exists in the form of a cartoonish bear costume; Rise Kujikawa, a popular teen idol who has taken a break from showbiz; and Naoto Shirogane, a well-known junior detective who disguises her true identity by dressing as a young man.

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After my relationship with the Symphonic Band’s resident trombone player, “Ayane”, went up to “intimate” and she said she was my “girlfriend”, I immediately reverted to my previous save file.

I had to figure out if this was the right move or not.

While I understand you can have multiple girlfriends without it interfering too much with the way the game works (or so my research says), I would really like to save something like that to a second play-through.

Reception of the game's characters are mostly positive, with various characters having been reviewed favorably.

Finally getting a chance to play the game, I picked up Persona 4 Golden on Playstation Vita recently (Thanks a million Seruki Love! The game was going brilliantly…until I realized you can form romantic relationships.Persona 4 follows a group of high school students dealing with a mysterious TV channel dedicated to distorting and exaggerating the truth of who they are and their identities.