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24-Sep-2019 09:18

Once the alter-egos are defeated in The Midnight Channel, they are validated by the characters accepting them as necessary parts of their real personalities.Shadow Kanji's scanty attire, flamboyant lisp, and over-the-top homoerotic banter shed light upon Kanji's hidden identity, but it is his remarks stating sexual preference for the male gender that directly support the notion that is Kanji is gay.Note that Yosuke’s dating flag is invisible, so if you didn’t actively choose to cheat this is a likely culprit. * Haven't been addicted to a game in a long time,(Example) Fry Cry 3 is awesome but I don't mind putting it down and watching some TV or really doing anything else but Persona 4 ?Once Shadow Kanji is defeated in the game, Kanji accepts that his gay alter-ego is an essential part of his personality, but he does not make any outward declaration or revelation that he is gay or remotely bisexual.As the game progresses, Kanji must deal with jokes regarding his sexuality and un-manly artistic hobbies, in addition to his crush on a male character, who turns out to be a cross-dressing woman.arsenyk asked: I know that you're not going to implement proper skip dialogue function, but maybe you could do a button that would allow scroll through dialogue faster? you hold control or z and it acts are repeatedly pressing enter (but without making choices in dialogue menus). Check it out if you’re into LPs - they’re after Kanji, so you know their judgement is solid.

There's also a whole set of free DLC to download, including Japanese voices, as well as more throughout the year - including Christmas costumes, for those still playing in December.Persona 5 features tons of Confidants, important characters you can befriend to increase your Persona’s abilities and powers in battle.

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