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“Then he added me on Facebook and we are family friends with Michael Lohan and the Lohan family, so we had a mutual friend on Facebook which was Michael Lohan, so I was like, ‘who is this guy?’ And then he approached me about helping with music and stuff like that, and then the dating stuff and then it was just the one meet up.” Tess launched a Sound Cloud page for her music two years ago.Meanwhile, Brinkley, 63, is celebrating her return to Sports Illustrated alongside Sailor and her daughter with Billy Joel, Alexa Ray.The 21-year-old student being seduced by Christie Brinkley’s pervy ex-husband — who was once described as having a “pathological predilection” for young women — was born a man, Radar has exclusively revealed.The lusty, middle-aged antics prompted Cook’s current wife, Suzanne Shaw, to move out of the house she shared with him in Sag Harbor and file for a legal separation at the end of February.She took her teenage daughter from a previous union with her. “When you find out he’s been cheating on you, I’ll be there for you,’’ Brinkley seethed at Shaw during a 2012 court appearance on Long Island in which she and her ex fought over child custody. Shaw, who married Cook on Valentine’s Day 2012, had no comment for this column.This man is so hell-bent on trying to destroy Christie Brinkley’s reputation and so arrogant that he hoped that no one would pick up on the fact that he continued to jump from one woman to another while sporting a wedding ring. I hope this serves as a teachable moment for all women dating.Pay attention to internal red flags when dating and pay attention to external red flags – such as the words and experiences of others who have walked before you.

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Tess said that she spoke to Sailor Brinkley-Cook’s dad earlier today.In predictable narcissistic fashion, Peter holds Christie responsible for the public lashing he took when it was discovered that he had carried on a two year affair with Diana Bianchi. Peter Cook was diagnosed by a court appointed psychiatrist as an “insatiable narcissist” with a porn habit costing thousands of dollars per month.