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24-Jan-2020 15:28

And when that happened, I think I was one of the first – if not first – I don’t want to take the honor – the first real black pastor to go through being castigated over the Internet.

My oldest daughter is 15, and I had to go to Atlanta, where it is that she lives, because a teacher said something sideways to her, and she was absolutely traumatized.

I’m preaching in arenas, convention centers, mass – mega churches. So, nothing in my mind ever said, number one, I would ever get caught; number two, that – [chuckles] – my wife would ever leave; number three, that my church would tank out.

I stepped, Roland, outside of my marriage and had an extramarital affair that ultimately ended in a divorce to an incredibly wonderful woman – not because anything was flawed in the marriage, or in her; but in my own immaturity for the level that I was getting ready to go into.

Since 2006, he has been behind bars for sexually assaulting two children in his congregation.

Following a raid on the church's enormous Yearning for Zion Ranch in the tiny Texas town of Eldorado, child protection officers found what they described as a "pervasive pattern" of sexual abuse through forced marriages between men and under-age girls which Jeffs had overseen.

Moviegoers who see the new Gerard Butler headlining film “Machine Gun Preacher,” based on the life of heroin-addict-turned-Christian-child-crusader Sam Childers, would understandably believe Hollywood exaggerated the story for entertainment purposes.

But they’ll be surprised to know that the real life of Childers was too much for even Hollywood.

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That all changed when his wife, Lynn, accepted Jesus Christ and helped bring him to Christ as well.

Director Marc Forster – whose credits include “Finding Neverland,” “Quantum of Solace,” and “Monster’s Ball” – includes all the typical elements of an R-rated film: sex, drugs and violence.

But screenwriter Jason Keller noted Thursday at the film’s Washington, D. screening that he couldn’t include some experiences in Childers’ earlier "bad-boy" life in the script because they were “too intense.”Actor Gerard Butler, who portrays Childers in the movie, said in the production notes, “When I first read it (movie script), I thought, ‘Are you kidding me?

Well, I didn’t have a litmus test, you have to understand.

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I was a national televangelist since I was 29, and the whole world had opened up for me in every stage.A controversial TV preacher branded a 'heretic' by critics took her place at the President's right hand during a White House strategy meeting yesterday.

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