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06-Mar-2020 11:39

Share moment or capture breaking news events in real-time, wherever and whenever they happen. Available on the i Phone App Store Android App on Google Play Broadcast instantly using just a webcam and an internet connection with the Ustream Web Broadcaster.

Go live and interact with viewers in real-time with our Facebook and Twitter integrated social stream, or record and save for on-demand viewing.

- DO NOT RECORD ANY OF MY SHOW Hello, if you're in my room you should know when I'm online. I not open my web-cam every day, but sometimes when I can and I want to play I enter the website to meet people and have fun.

Sometimes I work at the same time, so if you tell me something important and do not see it, please send a tip-note or private message Usually when I open my camera use a toy, so I can work and have fun at the same time. if you want to make me happy you can give a gift, and i share with you a video Unboxing your present and a video wearing/playing with it.

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Once you select that you'll notice a new icon next to the Check In icon.

Not only can users use the PS4 and Xbox One to play games, but they can also share this screen time with friends and strangers, either by live streaming the footage or sending out pre-recorded clips into the ether.

Unfortunately, for all the talk of providing the future of gaming it seems that neither Microsoft nor Sony thought far enough ahead to consider that users might use these services for less than wholesome purposes - especially when the accessories available for both consoles allow users to turn the cameras on themselves.

), you select the icon and then give Facebook permission to access your camera and microphone. Once you hit he big blue "Continue" button, you'll be asked to describe your broadcast.

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It's on this same screen that you choose your privacy setting: Are you sharing this with the public, or just your friends?

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