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“I hate to see a lovely town’s reputation get destroyed.” In his book, Krakauer did point out that Missoula’s rape rate—350 reported rapes in just over four years—is slightly less than average for a town of its size.

Gallagher, Lewis and Clark County Attorney, Helena, Montana Submitted on Briefs: February 12, 2014 Decided: May 28, 2014 Filed: __________________________________________ Clerk Justice Michael E Wheat delivered the Opinion of the Court. Crider (Crider) appeals from the judgment of the Montana First Judicial District Court, Lewis and Clark County, following his jury conviction for felony Sexual Intercourse Without Consent in violation of § 45-5-503(1), MCA; misdemeanor Partner or Family Member Assault (PFMA) (second offense) in violation of § 45-5-206(1)(a), MCA; and felony Tampering With Witnesses and Informants in violation of § 45-7-206(1)(a), MCA. ¶24 Evidence of prior bad acts by a defendant is admissible as long as it is not offered or used for an improper purpose. and lurking outside her place of residence tend to show Crider’s desire to control M. His constant calls to her mother exert control over her by harassing her relatives. Keys, (1993), to argue that “the defendant’s motive or intent is not relevant where the only issue is whether the victim consented to the sexual intercourse.” That argument falls flat because Keys, which predates Eighteenth Judicial Dist., is factually distinguishable, and the question of whether M. ¶30 Where a defendant has not preserved an issue for appeal, this Court may, at its discretion, exercise plain error review to review an alleged error. “For plain error review of an unpreserved issue, the appealing party must (1) show that the claimed error implicates a fundamental right and (2) ‘firmly convince’ this Court that failure to review the claimed error would result in a manifest miscarriage of justice, leave unsettled the question of the fundamental fairness of the trial or proceedings, or compromise the integrity of the judicial process.” Daniels, ¶ 32.

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There were no lines outside Missoula’s Fact and Fiction bookstore on April 21, when Jon Krakauer’s latest book was released.

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His books have excoriated Everest climbers, unmasked the Mormon church, and lambasted Greg Mortenson for fabricating parts of (, Doubleday) is a page-turning primer on acquaintance rape—the most underreported crime in America—and a revealing account of a sexual assault crisis at the University of Montana from 2008 to 2012.

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“Nothing like when a new James Lee Burke goes on sale,” says storeowner Barbara Theroux.

Still, there was a steady stream of people—several hundred in the first week—trickling in to buy their own copy of the most controversial book in Missoula.The town of 70,0000 in western Montana is accustomed to recognition for being an outdoorsman’s paradise; to be branded as a case study in campus rape was something new.