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17-Sep-2019 02:02

Often teen abusers will use some form of sexual abuse as a tactic to get or keep power and control over his dating partner.Some survivors have described it this way: "I didn't want to have sex with him, but I was afraid because of ways he'd hurt me before.I didn't want that to happen again so I just said 'yes' whenever he wanted to have sex." There are many forms of sexual abuse or assault, but at its basic, sexual assault is any form of unwanted sexual contact obtained without consent or through the use of force, threat of force, intimidation or coercion.Legal definitions of rape vary from state to state, but most states define rape as non-consensual sexual penetration.A rapist can be a stranger or someone the victim knows including a spouse, date, or family member.Anyone can be a victim of rape or sexual assault including men, women, and persons who are gender-non conforming or transgender.

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Sexual violence in dating relationships is also a major concern.

Similar numbers of both sexes say they've been abusers.

Additional new research shows teens who abuse their girlfriends and boyfriends often share a past as middle-school bullies.

Part of this may be because of the way teenagers see themselves and because of their newness to dating.

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According to The Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence, young men and women may have certain beliefs that lead to higher incidence of dating violence.These findings, to be presented today in Honolulu at a meeting of the American Psychological Association, are the latest to shed light on a problem that has only come out of the shadows in recent years.

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