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20-Sep-2019 09:26

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WCAG 2.0 is compatible with WCAG 1.0 so you can update your Web site to meet both WCAG 1.0 and WCAG 2.0.(However, a site that meets only WCAG 2.0 does not automatically meet WCAG 1.0, because WCAG 2.0 is more flexible in some areas.) Depending on what work is required to update your site to WCAG 2.0, you might want to update your most important and frequently-used pages soon and make all new pages meet WCAG 2.0, but not retrofit old pages that are not used much.Learn about platforms, information architecture, creating a wireframe, designing and writing for the web, using identity banners, Rutgers web policy, and much more.Your website will be created using one of many available development platforms and will reside on a specific server. Information architecture is the process of planning the content and flow of your website. Web readers have little time to spend on your site.To minimize impact to users on your network, update certificates during a scheduled service maintenance period.Your website is a critical tool for communicating what you do and is an effective and inexpensive way to announce events, promote your initiatives, and share information.

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Certificates that are issued by Windows EBS typically expire after two years.

I want to update a class library (a single DLL file) in a production web application. I read an answer on Stack Overflow (sorry, can't seem to find it anymore because the Search function does not work very well), that led me to believe that I could just paste the new DLL in the bin folder and it would be picked up without problems (this would cause the WP to recycle, which is fine with me because we do not use In Proc session state).

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