Updating distribution lists in outlook 2016

03-Jan-2020 09:44

The members of these DLs can include both existing entries from any address list and entries created only inside the particular DL.

When you send to a Contacts folder DL, the To field on received messages shows the individual addresses of all members of the list.

Distribution lists are groups of contact data that you can use to easily send mass email messages without needing to type every individual address.

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Distribution lists are indicated by the icon with three heads.But Outlook on the web users (users whose email mailboxes are hosted on Exchange 2016) have a more powerful way to do that now: Office 365 Groups.Office 365 Groups are similar to distribution groups in that they allow you to communicate with multiple people in one email, but they also come with a shared mailbox, calendar, document library, notebook, and more.DLs in Exchange Server mailbox or Public Folders contacts folders are limited to about 128 entries, but those entries can include other DLs.

Outlook 2003 allows you to expand the DL and see all members in the To box before sending the message.Important: You have multiple choices when it comes to using this feature.