Updating my operating system

15-Oct-2019 13:45

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Here are 5 ways you can use to update your Windows operating system.

However you will ask “why not do it the usual way I’ve been doing it in the past?

(5) Users with a small internet usage cap who don’t want to use it all on updates.

(6) Users who want a faster way to update Windows without having to connect to the internet to download updates.

System 32 files generally located in the system drive C:\Windows\System32 in my PC (location on your computer can be different).

We all know how important software updates are, the importance magnifies even more when the operating system needs updates.

Some of the updates might even be critical and eventually end up saving the day or ruining it if you don’t keep your system updated.

Here, you will highlight the OS and then click uninstall.

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I usually go by the date the OS was installed to know which OS I need to delete, but if you aren't sure which is which, delete all of them and reinstall your preferred OS.

Since I want to downgrade to, I would need to uninstall all the versions that came after. To do this, go to your start menu and then go to your control panel.