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21-Oct-2019 16:59

All packets using this route will be gatewayed through "mango-gw".The device which will actually be used for that route depends on how we can reach "mango-gw" - the static route to "mango-gw" will have to be set up before.

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adds a default route (which will be used if no other route matches).This setting can be used to force smaller TCP packets on the other end when path mtu discovery does not work (usually because of misconfigured firewalls that block ICMP Fragmentation Needed) window W set the TCP window size for connections over this route to W bytes.This is typically only used on AX.25 networks and with drivers unable to handle back to back frames. reject install a blocking route, which will force a route lookup to fail.The speed of the processor, and the amount of RAM directly relates to the amount of traffic through the firewall/router, and the amount of firewall rules that are written to filter that traffic.

For the HNSG network, I personally use a Pentium class computer at 133 /routing.Every network packet received by or sent from a Linux system is subject to at least one table.

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